Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Local Venue Again...

Back on the platform at the community college - I made sure to get there with time to spare. It was time to do the second day of what had become a two-day pose.

We started with the usual gesture warm ups followed by two short poses to explore negative space. I hit a really dramatic pose with my last gesture supporting my upper body weight on one arm. It was a great pose but very difficult to hold. I was glad when the instructor called for the longer poses...

Following short pose, the instructor had me re-assume the pose I had started on Tuesday. My left ankle (which was folded under me), already sore from resting on the lip of the platform on Tuesday, was quickly overwhelmed with sharp pain as the rough edge of the platform dug in. By the end of the class I had deep, welted lines in my ankle. Ouch.

Luckily I seemed to be able to get the pose right almost from the get-go. One of the students seemed to find fault with my pose after each break but luckily the instructor just told him to work with the pose as it was. This student was dressed in exactly the same clothes I had seen him wearing on Tuesday. His facial expression was a mix of morose, confrontational, and human darkness. I saw him after class as I was walking to my car (the weather report said rain so no motorcycle) and said hello to him. He did not reply. He seemed to be waiting for someone to pick him up. I hurried away from his cloud of darkness.

This student brings up one point which some students and instructors seem to understand and others just never seem to get- this is LIFE drawing. Life is not static. Life moves. I will come as close as possible to keeping the pose but to duplicate it exactly would defeat the purpose of having a live model. As a life model, I live, I breathe, I am subject to the earth's gravity. I exist with my own inner energy and motion which is part of what I am giving the artist and part of what they should be trying to capture in their art. I didn't sign on to be a still-life. It wouldn't be "life drawing" if that was the case.

Another of the students commented that my abdominal muscles were giving her trouble in her drawing - I think this was her way of saying she liked my physique. Or perhaps she meant that I should lose weight. I'll have to ask her if I see her again.

I waited through the end of the class while the instructor gave a critique of all the students' drawings. Some of the drawings definitely showed promise- promise as both a finished artwork and the promise of a student's burgeoning drawing skills. The instructor took them out into the hall to hang up their drawings leaving me alone in the drawing studio. I took the opportunity to do something I almost never do- get dressed in the studio. It only took a moment but it felt odd to get dressed in that space.

The instructor let me know that he would call me and arrange another opportunity for me to model. I look forward to my next chance to model for his class. I'm hoping to see how they have developed as the semester progresses.

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