Saturday, October 4, 2008

Baseball and Art

Only one day of modeling this week back in room 400 at the art building at the state U.

This class was a long pose session and I was working for a new instructor. I met with the instructor prior to class so he could give me some idea of what the students what the focus of the class would be. The instructor turned out to be a baseball fan and gave us constant updates on the White Sox game supplied to him by text messages from his girlfriend on his cellphone.

The students in this class were more advanced than those in the other class I model for at the state U. During the break I took a look at their work- some of them were very polished. A number of them displayed a very developed level of technique and skill.

The instructor had me take a seated pose with one foot up on a box, my arm outstretched to a stool with a construction cone on it, and my other foot on the floor. An easy pose, right? My right leg on the box feel completely asleep and the position put most of my weight on my right buttock which also went numb. I concentrated on the tick-tock of my new egg timer which I was using to time the pose.

By the end of class when the instructor released the class, it took me several minutes to get the circulation back in my right leg. I felt a bit out of sorts still sitting on the posing platform while the students packed up their things. When I could finally feel my toes again, I got off the platform and got dressed.

On my way out of the building one of the students from the class stopped me in the stairwell and commented that I had "done good." According to the student I had posed very solidly and mentioned that I was a nice change from Monday's model who kept moving during his pose. It's nice to get good feeback.

Next week I'm on four days- two at the state U. for the novice artists and two days at another community college. I'll definitely be doing alot of stretching this weekend. I need to get to yoga class soon...

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