Thursday, August 28, 2008

In Demand

The client list is expanding....

I just got on the list for two more colleges, one of which put me on as a regular on their class schedule. Looking over my calendar, I realize I'm working nearly every night of the week! I've got things lined up for Saturday as well. Hopefully I get to do some more languid and relaxed poses now and then. Being athletic I tend to get asked to do difficult poses...

Some of my clients are good distance away which will require some commuting time. I don't mind, however, for the opportunity to model. I'll ride my motorcycle to save gas (until it gets too cold to ride.)

I was looking over my modeling client list and this is how it shapes up:

-1 State University
-3 Community Colleges
-1 Art Studio
-2 Art Schools
-4 Individual Artists

Between these clients, I'm pretty much finding myself modeling 18 - 24 hours per week. It will drop off over the summer of course when the universities and colleges aren't holding so many life drawing classes. If I can find enough clients I'll probably quit the day job and see if I can make a go of doing life modeling full-time. I don't know any model who models full-time for a living but I really enjoy it so I'll shoot for that goal.

Life modeling isn't a particularly lucrative profession but it has intangible rewards which I find are just as important as monetary compensation. I'll have to think about how to make it more profitable so I don't have to worry about getting my bills paid...

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