Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Moral Dilemma

So Blogger locked my blog as a possible "spam blog." I guess I shouldn't be surprised- it's a rather typical reaction in our overtly puritanical and politically correct society. Nudity tends to be immediately classified as perverse and undesirable. American society seems to feel compelled to police morality and tends to judge even the minimally sexual to be of maximum danger.

Figurative art is often classified as something subversive and of low moral character. I liken it to the prevailing feeling in the US about certain recreational drugs such as marijuana. Cannabis is considered a gateway drug that leads to the use of "harder" and more detrimental drugs like cocaine or methamphetamine. Some people believe figurative art is like "gateway porn" that will lead the viewer to seek out more explicit nude material.

Never mind that the nude has appeared in art all throughout human history and that some famous and celebrated works of art depict nudity.

Call me a radical but I will continue to present the human form as a particularly important and noteworthy aspect of art and artistic endeavor. I think the nude reminds us of who we really are and possibly what we really are. Lest we forget.

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