Monday, August 25, 2008

An Introduction to Life Modeling

If you've found my blog, you're probably an artist, someone who likes to draw, or are a life model yourself. To the uninitiated, a life model (sometimes called a figure model) is someone who poses nude for artists involved in the creation of figurative art. Life models are of all body types: fat, thin, muscular, voluptuous, athletic, young, aged, but above all- interesting.

I am such a model. I pose nude or "undraped" for artists. I have posed for beginning artists, experienced artists, art students, design students, and artists seeking inspiration. I am that inspiration- I am the catalyst for artistic creation. I feel fortunate that I have the opportunity to be that.

Many people do not understand why someone would pose nude for artists- they view it as something perverted or lascivious. I do not deny that there is sexual element to life modeling- the work is sexual in nature. I present myself unclothed to artists who scrutinize my every curve, nook, cranny, and hollow. I stand motionless as they view me and reproduce my nude form on paper, on canvas, or in clay. However, the sexual energy present during a life drawing or sculpting session is channeled into the creation of art. The goal is not to achieve sexual gratification but to create art.

I have participated in art projects that have created art that is erotic in nature- drawings and sculptures that emphasized my genitals or consisted of suggestive poses. I would posit that the production of erotica was not the focus of these efforts- the resulting work's erotic nature emerged incidentally. The primary focus of the effort was still to produce "art"- artifacts that represent the culture that produced them.

This process of creation and the tangible products that result from this process- that's the juice that keeps me up on the dais and in the nude for artists. To be the spark that starts the process of creation- it's an awesome feeling.

In this blog I will relate my experiences as a life model. I will give my impressions of the process of artistic creation and all the happenings that go with it. I hope you find my blog interesting, informative, and inspiring.

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