Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First night on a new platform....

Tonight was my first night at the state university. I almost was late as I had to wait for a very slow moving train while in route to the art building... I arrived in a panic to find the instructor wasn't there yet. That was a bit of a relief but it being my first time at this venue I went searching for the instructor to get the parameters for the class.

When I finally got on the platform it went rather well. Most of the students were beginning their figure drawing careers but there were a few who clearly had done life drawing before.

I tend to be rather energetic and put myself into complicated poses so I was a bit nonplussed to be put into a basic sitting pose by the instructor for my first pose. This quickly graduated to more dramatic gestures and short poses which I enjoy because I can put a lot of effort into such poses.

The instructor asked me to self-time which I'm not a big fan of- I feel like keeping the count in my head detracts from the energy of my pose over time. Plus I have a tendency to lose my count. On several occasions I called out pose end time for the instructor but she was focused on the students' work and didn't hear. I ended up turning a few three minute poses into five and six minutes poses because of this. The instructor didn't seem to mind.

Left unchecked I'll put myself into body-contorting, strenuous poses that leave me sweating, shaking, and heaving for breath. The instructor told me she liked my poses but reigned me in to more basic standing poses because the students were concentrating on mass drawings. She wanted me to avoid foreshortening so I kept it simple. It was nice to have some more relaxed poses but I still like to mix in poses that project energy. I'm probably going to be talking a lot about projecting energy in this blog....

The instructor cut the students loose about 15 minutes early which they seemed to appreciate. As I got off the posing platform the instructor let me know she liked having a model who presented himself with some energy. She commented that frequently many male models tend to stand there in simple poses giving a limp, modeling performance. Not THIS male model...! She went to let me know that if I wanted to make her class a regular gig she would be happy to have me. I'll have to see if my schedule permits.

Given the instructor's comments on my modeling, I'd have to say my first time on the platform at this venue was a successful one.

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