Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday's Model

Monday afternoon in room 400 at the art building on the platform again. That's a good bit of location information...

It was the usual drill of warm - ups: blind contour, mass gestures, scribble drawings. This was followed by a few longer poses (a few 10 minute poses) and then a long seated pose.

This week promises to be better than last- I had no modeling gigs last week. Sadness. I was originally scheduled just for this Monday but then Professor Giese requested me for Wednesday as well. My need to inspire shall be sated for this week.

I'll update with more details on Wednesday....


FergieAtHeart said...

How do you go about finding modeling gigs? Who do you model for in Chicago? Are you able to support yourself fully by modeling, or do you have a "day job"??

exbrun2 said...

Hi, FergieAtHeart.

I landed most of my modeling gigs by going to the art department at various universities and colleges. My gigs with private artists came from people who had seen me in art classes. A number of them came from Craigslist postings.

Getting jobs through Craigslist can be tricky- I've had one or two with private artists where it turned out they weren't really artists. I just left in those cases. So if you reply to these ads be careful. Most of them will be legitimate- sometimes schools and studios will post for models on Craigslist.

I've also picked up a job or two on It's mostly models posting their availability there but sometimes artists, photographers, and studios post modeling jobs.

Right now life modeling is a second job for me but I do get quite a few modeling sessions from the venues where I've established myself. I pretty much respond to every posting for models I see on Craigslist. It's actually gotten to the point where I sometimes I have multiple modeling jobs in one day.

I still do have a day job but fortunately I have flexibility with my hours. I would like to do figure modeling full time but it's just not quite enough to pay the bills. I only know of one or two figure models who model full-time but it's only because they are retired from some other job. Most figure models I know are doing modeling as a second job.

That said, I've found that life modeling is really my calling so I take as many gigs as I can. It has significantly affected my lifestyle in that I've become very good at time management and keep my body in the best shape possible.

I hope this info helps.

Good luck finding gigs!

P.S.- You wouldn't happen to be Lauren from DC, would you?