Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wednesday in Room 400

Wednesday rolled around with the sickening thud of the day job trying to interfere with my art modeling. A rather large pile of irritating work found it's way onto my plate threatening to overwhelm my commitment to model at the state U. I worked like a madman to get all of the detail work done and was able to get out the door to make it to the life drawing class on time. I wish life modeling was more lucrative so I could just ditch the corporate sinkhole...

I arrived at room 400 to find the class preceding ours was still in progress. I didn't see the model as I looked through the door but I did see one of the artist's drawing of her. She was quite lovely. I've been seeing her name on the modeling schedule for several weeks now- I alternate weeks with her for the the life drawing class for which I was modeling today. I occasionally see drawings of the other models but rarely ever get a chance to meet them. In fact, I've only met two other art models where I've had any kind of significant interaction. One of those meetings happened to be online through her blog and I'd say I'm just beginning to get to know her.

One of these days I'd like to get to talk with some other life models to compare experiences.

When I finally entered the room I noted the posing platform had a very intricate arrangement of stools draped with fabric, pillows, cardboard boxes fitted together with more fabric draped on them, and even an old motorcycle helmet placed on the front edge of the platform. I'd forgotten my digital camera or I would have taken a photo of the mess to record the outlandishness of it all. I went off to the model's changing area to prepare myself instead.

When Professor Giese arrived I could tell she was not pleased at the mass of objects piled on the posing platform. I already had to move some of the sundry items (the motorcycle helmet, some pillows) out of the way.

We started with the usual warmups (blind contour, mass gesture, line gesture.) She had me pose for a 10 minute line gesture where I overextended myself by taking a pose with one arm up on the cardboard boxes as I leaned forward, my weight on my forward class. The instructor commented afterward it was a daring pose for a 10 minute stint. She was right-my left leg which was set forward was shaking by the minute eight. Oops.... My desire to give an interesting pose sometime gets the better of me.

We took a short break as Professor Giese tried to get me, the background, and the lighting arranged. She adjusted things for several minutes before finally starting to toss the boxes, fabric, and extra stools off the stage in frustration. I helped her move a few things so I could sit further back on the platform a position which suited the available lighting best. We finally got things arranged and she had me take a seated pose in my robe to do some more portrait work. She brought back the two skulls from Monday and placed them on stools flanking me to re-create the voodoo-esque scene from Monday.

The rest of the class proceeded without incident. I spent my time thinking about long poses I could do that were dramatic yet easy to hold for long periods.

I'm a bit out of sorts at the moment- I don't have any modeling gigs for next week. I'm not on the schedule at the state U, both community colleges I model for regularly cancelled me, and I haven't been able to fill in anywhere else. My urge for creative collaboration will go unfulfilled this coming week... I'll be jonesing by this coming Wednesday. Pooh.

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